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      LinkedIn? Australia named Nicole Still, one of its ‘Power Profiles‘ – a list of the most viewed professionals in Australia in 2012.

      AdNews Australia named her “40 Under 40” in October 2011. “She can look at smaller daily evolutions and project exactly where it is going. Her ability to meaningfully connect with others makes her a genuine CHANGE CATALYST,” said AdNews.

      Drink Media's founder is a digital specialist with 16+ years experience at three of the world’s largest advertisers: Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and Microsoft; three of the world’s largest media companies: Time Warner, News Ltd. and The Chicago Tribune Company; and two of the world’s largest advertising agencies: Leo Burnett and Razorfish.

      Her mission is to RE+IMAGINE business. She has worked in the digital space since 1996 on four continents: Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. She recently concluded 4 years working with Johnson & Johnson’s marketing and agency teams in Asia, with an in-market focus on China, India and Korea, frequently traveling there for work. She was responsible for supporting 14 countries, including Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, developing digital marketing strategies in emerging Asian markets.

      Drink Digital is a boutique consultancy that offers advanced strategic support and change management strategies to Fortune 500 clients and start-ups, similar to well-established consultancies like McKinsey and Bain Consulting. Drink Digital’s clients are consistently finalists and winners of the digital industry’s most prestigious awards, including Creative Showcase, the IABs, AIMIAs , Asia Digital Media Awards and the Webby Awards.

      More importantly, Nic has watched many of her former colleagues progress into significant, leadership roles in new or existing companies and small, boutique agencies grow into top-rated, award-winning industry leaders.

      Nic encourages clients to: “Fail fast, evolve faster.”  She inspires her teams to “stop managing the present” and “start creating the future.”

      A hallmark of her leadership style is: “Show, don’t tell.”  She coaches teams to learn by doing and her favourite method of storytelling is VIDEO. (She holds masters degree in journalism and documentary film from Columbia and once worked for TIME Magazine.)