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      Current content clients include Telstra, Westpac, Taylors Wine, The Balmain Boat Company, Recycle Smart and VIAJIYU.Sam joined the team in April 2012. Sam has worked in film since age 15, screening internationally before he could vote.

      To pay for university, Sam filmed more than 500 wedding videos. A training ground that taught him to get it right the first time and not mess with the bride. Since then he has worked as freelancer writer and director for over 10 years.

      Today Sam has filmed and produced thousands of videos and has mastered his craft.

      “His vision, creativity, along with his extensive knowledge of using video content within the social media landscape helped take some of our key projects including Australia’s Next Top Model, TropFest, Oprah’s Downunder Australian Tour to the next level” said Mandi Balbi from Telstra.

      Since working with Telstra’s teams organisation wide the Telstra YouTube channel has claimed the most views and engagement and a number 1 spot in Telco's beating more aggressive content marketers at the competition.

      More recently Sam engaged with the sponsorship team to help create a visually arresting series of video for the Telstra Ballet Dancer Award. 

      This strategy is helping to shape how the company communicates with customers and is building an always on and always evolving content strategy set for the digital era.

      Sam is now taking this same philosophy to new clients. 

      Sam is a worldly traveller and a wise student of the new media landscape his mission at Drink Media is to help brands tell stories consumers that will share.

      Great stories travel far.